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The team originally named the show “Puns” as an excuse for Millsy and Chris to break out in horrific face-palm worthy dad-jokes.

What sparked the on-air chemistry between this trio was the fact that they have all been guilty of trying out the infamous app, Tinder. However times have changed and the three have become real-life friends; and the show has become Frog Lick Radio’s unofficial “social and party group”. Always full of interesting stories and cringe-worthy adventures, the trio have become ‘those’ people at a party that you want to talk to.

Millsy – forever the jokester who tries to lighten the party conversation with his wit and puntastic jokes.
Chris – the guy sipping at his drink, trying to elevate the party to a more intellectual and mature level (kind of hard when you have someone like Millsy there).
Linda – the quiet girl who you assume is innocent and proper; that is until she opens her mouth and tells you the most surprising fact or story about herself.


Show Title Hosts Day Time
Puns Linda, Millsy & Chris Wednesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm
REWIND Linda, Millsy & Chris Monday 2pm – 3pm



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