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Benkai: Documentaries – Frog Lick Radio

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Benkai: Documentaries

Some documentaries show us the strange, exotic and unfamiliar; others educate us on forgotten facts in history; and others make us feel anew about something so everyday, we barely gave it a thought before.


On Friday (6th February 2015) at 2pm AWST, Ben & Kai will be talking all things documentaries – from the weird and wonderful, all the way to the rise of mocumentaries.


Some documentaries are so shocking in their subject matter; incorrect in their factual evidence, or so eye-opening that they become beacons for controversy. Some cast a new light on subjects or uncover facts that are damning.

Here are some controversial documentaries that have stuck with some of our Frog Lick crew.


Chasing Ice (Jeff Orlowski, 2012)
When statistics and graphs aren’t enough to prove the point, National Geographic photographer James Balog goes on an endeavor to record the visible effects of global warming on the Arctic’s glaciers. Directed by Orlowski, the documentary uses time-lapse montages to compress years of footage into seconds. So you could only imagine that the results would be both frightening and beautiful, as the documentary shows huge masses of ice recede like a carcass decaying. The most well-known sequence that was captured was footage of a glacier calving, as a section the size of Manhattan breaks away.
This is one of those documentaries that make you realise that the planet cannot simply ‘fix itself’ – not after the impact we as humans are doing to it.


The Bridge (Eric Steel, 2006)
The Golden Gate Bridge is not only known as one of San Francisco’s tourist attractions, but it’s also known for its staggering (and increasing) annual suicide rate. Across the 12 months of shooting this documentary, Steel and his film crew were able to capture footage of 23 people jumping from the bridge to end their own lives.
The controversy of this documentary also lies in the conceptual approach. There is something unsettling about a film where its dramatic success relies upon the torment and trauma of its viewers, where a ‘good day’ of filming would be one where a suicide happened.


Do you know or have you seen any controversial (or even just an interesting) documentary? Tell us about it, and we’ll add it to our list of “Documentaries We Need To Watch”.

If you have Facebook, join the discussion on our page (look out for the post about BENKAI talking about docos).

You can alternatively take it a step further and call in to the show while they’re on air.

For the Perth locals: (08) 9467 2294

For our international friends: +618 9467 2294


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