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What’s New? – Frog Lick Radio

Frog Lick Radio

What’s New?

Bullying was better in the 80’s

As a little girl growing up in the 80’s, I absolutely hated being bullied by my two older sisters; but seeing the world around us and what we have to deal with, I would go back to the 80’s and take a lashing any day. In today’s world, people being[…]

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Are We Aging Gracefully or Aging Rapidly?

– by Hayley Cook   We all have that one friend that seems to withstand the age of time; which is never looking like the decade they were actually born in, and being up-to-speed with all things high tech, social media, and what’s really going on with the world around[…]

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One Kitchen To Rule Them All

– by Hayley Cook.   Is anyone else getting a bit frustrated by these high expectations that are being laid upon us with all these reality cooking shows? It’s all becoming rather overwhelming. So we have MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules, and Hot Plate… Did anyone else care what happened to[…]

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FLR FAT APPLES 001: Who are we?

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadHi Froggers, friends of froggers and friends of friends of froggers. A bit of an introduction to “FAT APPLES”: Sarah and Matt are both food enthusiasts. Sarah is currently studying in Nutrition in Western Australia, and Matt is a qualified sous chef at a local[…]

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FLR BENKAI 001: Video Game Industry

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadHi Frogers, friends of frogers and friends of friends of frogers. Please enjoy the first podcast of the new year and the new FLR Show BenKai. Ben and kai talk will be talk about the games industry and for more detail check the list[…]

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Benkai: Documentaries

Some documentaries show us the strange, exotic and unfamiliar; others educate us on forgotten facts in history; and others make us feel anew about something so everyday, we barely gave it a thought before. On Friday (6th February 2015) at 2pm AWST, Ben & Kai will be talking all things[…]

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Stay Tuned: Injuries Sustained

It’s happened to all of us at some point in our lives – whether big or small, it varies from person to person – but we’ve all sustained an injury at some point from mucking around. For some, it’s the funniest story that is brought up when reminiscing; while for[…]

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Stay Tuned: New Year Resolution Craze

New Year Resolutions – they’re usually set at the end of every year in aim to make the new year a more positive one. A fresh start. At one point everyone has set themselves a list of goals to achieve when that brand new year comes around… yet pretty much[…]

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Sidetracked: What is your gift?

What makes you amazing? Well sidetracked will cover this hot topic tonight at 7:30pm (AWST). But whats so good about hearing “normal” people talk about their amazing gifts with out showing the amazing people first? So to the internet we went and found out about the real super heroes in[…]

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Sidetracked: Perth drivers!

It’s no joke in saying Perth of Western Australia has horrible drivers (Not all of us are bad drivers just most of us suck)!  On Tonight’s show Sidetracked tackle the issues of Perth drivers, why Perth has horrible public transport and more. Tune to www.froglickradio.com at 7:30pm tonight.   can’t wait? To[…]

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