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The Rhys and Kai Show: This Is Halloween

Hi everybody, Halloween will be soon upon us! Kai and Rhys want to share their thoughts on Halloween, what it means to them and what they like about it. In addition to this why not share your thoughts? What do you like most about Halloween and what do you hate?[…]

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Sidetracked : 2 litre of milk challenge (for producer Jason)

This challenge was for producer Jason of the sidetracked show. A man known for his ability to consume large amounts of food and drink products and still wake up the next day with out a single pain or bloated stomach. Kai and Rhys could not stand for this. So they[…]

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The Rhys and Kai Show: Pogo

Good News everyone, Pogo (Nick Bertke) will be on the show tomorrow (17-10-2014, sometime between 1pm – 2pm). Kai and Rhys will be interviewing him talking about all the wonderful things he has been up to! But hey, why do they get to have all the fun? If you have a[…]

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The Rhys and Kai Show: Reminisce the 90’s fads

Hi everyone,   So the boys have had their fun chatting with Yon from tripod and they even found a really cool office to move the show too. But before they do any more crazy things in their life, Kai and Rhys want to talk about what the 90’s fads[…]

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Sidetracked : 1 litre of milk challenge (COMPLETED)

So the Sidetracked crew with Jess, Ben and Cj managed to finish their first challenge. Congratulations Sidetracked I am impressed and we all look forward to the next challenge (I think it involves chicken). If you missed it or are yet to listen them on-line. You can watch the whole[…]

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The Rhys and Kai Show: In Love with Tripod

Hey world, So you may or may not know. But Kai and Rhys have a deep love for the band Tripod. In case you don’t know who Tripod is, this is what they look like:           And here a is a song from them:   So why[…]

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Sidetracked: Sidetracked wants to talk about food

The Sidetracked crew are out of their cage tonight and want to talk about food. Cj in particular loves his food and he feels the need to express this love to the whole world             and so tonight the sidetracked crew at some point will bring up[…]

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The Rhys and Kai Show: Time to search for beards.

So we have been looking for some awesome beards to talk about in today’s show. From our search this is what we have found, comment on Facebook or here with any beards you think are amazing.   Talk about amazing:   After all this and no vikings? So we got[…]

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