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One Kitchen To Rule Them All – Frog Lick Radio

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One Kitchen To Rule Them All

– by Hayley Cook.


Is anyone else getting a bit frustrated by these high expectations that are being laid upon us with all these reality cooking shows? It’s all becoming rather overwhelming. So we have MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules, and Hot Plate… Did anyone else care what happened to Kitchen Revolution? Last time I checked, a YouTube cat video show had taken its spot. Not like I’m complaining.


What is the target audience that these shows are trying to reach? When was the last time you turned around and said, “Tonight Trevor, I’m going to make pumpkin spheres with homemade gnocchi” or “Sharon, did you want to whip up a dirt-like crumble for our rainforest themed dessert for sweets tonight?” only to find that during the adverts of these TV shows, you have someone like Matt Stone trying to convince me that I can feed a family of four for under $10. I’m sorry, I’m still trying to process what Gary and George were just master-classing with about 20 ingredients that I’ve never heard of!


Being someone from a very strong hospitality background, I’ve had my fair share of quality time around real-life working chefs. I’m not giving away any trade secrets on here, but their diets are mainly consistent of Subway and/or McDonald’s. With working hours being traditionally around meal times, it mostly seems time wasting on any spare time off to start cooking for yourself once again… just saying.

So what are we to do with all of these cooking shows and their high standards and expectations? What about the people that struggle at just the simple concept of making their own food? Or those poor bastards that try to recreate birthday cakes for family members, and Lord forgive them, at special occasions? Where should we be putting the inbred weirdos that make their own dog proper food!?!!! I don’t think it’s reason enough to purposefully fill your house with the stench of boiled livers and chicken hearts to save a few dollars. But what would I know, I don’t watch much TV and I’m a happy cat person.



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