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Our old frog lick party event – Frog Lick Radio

Frog Lick Radio

From the blog

Our old frog lick party event


This is an 18+ only event as there will be alcohol sold and you are required to provided ID at the event.

This is also a cash only event!


Press here for the event link

Like us on facebook and press going on the event page. The goals section will be based on the amount of people that have pressed going on the facebook event.


Who doesn’t like a party right? and what better way to introduce ourselves but with a live show/meet and greet extravaganza!

There will be a list of cheap drinks going up soon so don’t worry! and maybe even perhaps some nibbles for you all, we are after all good hosts,and not to forget music and good company.


September the 20th, The line up of shows will start at 5pm and end at 10pm.


Well that depends on who comes. The more people we have the better the location will be and the more stuff that will happen. Check “The Goals” section for more details.


Entry will be $8
However we have a limited free tickets available for our loyal listeners!
In order to get details on how to obtain one make sure to tune in and listen!

Alcohol price list:

Beer and Cider: $3.50

Wine and Spirits: $4


Please feel free to invite your friends and family.

Click here to add to our list of people going

Stretch Goals:

50 people going – We move it to a nice big hall

100 people going – Pimp that hall out with potato salad

200 people going – Prizes, lolly bags and Games

500 people going – bigger hall, BBQ and plush penises

1000 people going – Going out side, get a projector put some stuff up, bouncy castle

2500 people – Pending

3000 people – Pending

annoy your friends and family and get them to annoy their friends and family. Lets make this bouncy castle and potato salad a dream come true for the guys at frog lick

More details to come so stay tuned!


And get our exclusive mixes
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