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Below are the times for each show and who presents. So you never forget who is on and when they will be on. Please be aware that all times are AWST (Australian Western Standard Time)

Show Title Hosts Day Time
Stay Tuned Neal, Blake & Miranda Wednesday 6pm – 7pm
Puns Linda, Millsy & Chris Wednesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm
BenKai Ben & Kai Friday 2pm – 3pm
Fat Apple’s Matt & Sarah Sunday 11am – 12pm

Repeat Shows

All the shows below are repeats of last weeks episode. If you manage to miss a show and you miss the repeat show you can still hear all our content on our podcast. If you pay close enough attention to the list below you might even notice the pattern. When you do post “I found it, I found it. I found the pattern” and #froglickradio, thank you :).

Show Title Hosts Day Time
Stay Tuned Neal, Blake and Miranda Monday 2pm – 3pm
Puns Linda, Millsy & Chris Tuesday 2pm – 3pm
BenKai Ben and Kai Thursday 2pm – 3pm
Fat Apple’s Matt and Sarah Saturday 2pm – 3pm


Special Shows

Hey, so sometimes we have special shows. These shows will be during events, unique interviews or maybe we feel like today would be awesome to comment on a game of monopoly. Never fear, we wont post it here. In fact if we have a “special show” we will fill the social media forms up with our change of plans.

Thanks for listening and hope your enjoy the shows.

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