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Stay Tuned: Injuries Sustained – Frog Lick Radio

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Stay Tuned: Injuries Sustained

It’s happened to all of us at some point in our lives – whether big or small, it varies from person to person – but we’ve all sustained an injury at some point from mucking around.

For some, it’s the funniest story that is brought up when reminiscing; while for others, it’s a story of embarrassment.


Blake, Miranda & Neal touch on this topic in their next show (4th February 2015) on Wednesday at 6:00pm AWST.


After scouring the internet for the strangest and funniest recorded injuries, here are some favourites:

  • Joel Zumaya (of the Detroit Tigers) injured his wrist right before the 2006 World Series. He was able to recover in time to pitch for the fourth game. Presumably, he would have sustained this injury during training – but no it wasn’t. It was from a game of Guitar Hero!
  • A Russian couple in their 50s decided to spice things up at home and borrowed a book of Kama Sutra positions from a friend. One of the positions they tried out was indrani, or the “deck-chair position,” in which the woman draws up her knees so her legs are jammed under her partner’s armpits, or else draped over his shoulders. Problem was, once in that position, the woman had a muscular spasm, and locked the two of them together. Struggling for an hour to break free, they finally had to call paramedics for help.
  • Paramedics report that quite a few injuries are caused by new Christmas toys – and the victims are usually the adults/parents mucking around with the toys.


Have you injured yourself whilst doing something silly? Join the conversation over on our Facebook page (and comment on the ‘Stay Tuned’ post about injuries).


You can alternatively take it a step further and call in to the show while they’re on air.

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