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The Rhys and Kai Show: In Love with Tripod

Hey world,

So you may or may not know. But Kai and Rhys have a deep love for the band Tripod. In case you don’t know who Tripod is, this is what they look like:







And here a is a song from them:


So why does this matter? What is this all about? Who cares what Kai and Rhys like?

Well some how the gods favored Kai and Rhys and these gods have given these two lucky fellas an opportunity to interview Yon (Simon Hall) from Tripod this Friday for the radio. Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!?

Yon looking sexy.

I know crazy right! But not only do they get to talk to Yon, all you guys will be able to enjoy their conversation on the radio station at their regular time slot Friday 1pm – 2pm and if you miss it (WHY, DO YOU HATE US?). You can listen to it on the podcast channel as well.

So Tune in to the podcast or this Friday to hear the conversation with Yon from Tripod. Please boys don’t mess this one up

Thanks for reading.



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